If the world was ending would you try some choreography?

SONG: JP Saxe – If the World Was Ending (ft. Julia Michael)

I like the song. Even though its not a REAL end of the world song. ( I wrote one of those once. Was like ten minutes long and had a friggin air raid siren in it and the couple ended up dead at the end. THAT’S HOW YA DO AN END OF THE WORLD SONG.)

But here its more like, “yah I get it, you don’t want to hang out anymore cus I suck and stuff and we just don’t get along BUT IF THE WORLD WAS ENDING you would come over and die at my house, right? I mean, like, the most extreme situation EVER would finally get you to see me one last time, right? RIGHT??” It’s all a hypothetical situation that sounds pretty desperate. Mechanically a well written song, and people will sob over it, which is always nice. I’m not sure where these singers are from, some weird vocal inflections pop up here and there, like maybe they arn’t from around here. Nicely choreographed dance sequence though.

This dance video contains an abridged rendition, if you want to hear the whole song, here ya go. Though the video below is implying its a REAL ‘end of the world song’, it aint. Listen to the lyrics. It AINT! The creative department is just making a music video.


Latino echoes

Rodrigo y Gabriela take on PINK FLOYDs ECHOES.  You know Echoes right?

Overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the air
And deep beneath the rolling waves in labyrinths of coral caves
The echo of a distant tide
Comes willowing across the sand
And everything is green and submarine.

Ok, that was interesting! But if you were hanging out with the Floyd boys over in the ruins of Pompeii you would have gotten this…

A day that will go down in INFAMY

Yah,  you just wanted to impress your friends with your Scottish rap prowess, but mom decided to destroy your image FOR LIFE.  Not sure what’s up with that weird little sister,  but she is rendered OBSOLETE by the sheer force of Mothers Nature.

how many times does Ari say “yuh”?

Dont care.   She can say “yuh” all nite long,  I would just sit there all awe inspired and shit.   Easy guitar part,  I can play that,  now if I could just hire her to sing my stuff.  Maybe if I offer her my covid-19 stimulus check she would….. nah,  she’d wipe her ass with it.   Great rendition of this song.

Damien Rice- 9 crimes


First heard this song  in a SHREK movie.  Wtf you may say,  ” a Shrek movie???”  Yah, totally didnt fit.  Had nothing to do with Shrek conceptually, other than the sad sounding minor key and Shrek was sad or some shit.   But toss the Shrek in the trash and its a great song about infidelity and firearms.   And more WTF with this video!!  Weirdly cool!

unleash the BJork

Before she dumped her rappy sidekick.






I can sense it Something important Is about to happen

It’s coming up It takes courage to enjoy it

The hardcore and the gentle

Big time sensuality

We just met And I know i’m a bit too intimate

But something huge is coming up

And we’re both included

It takes courage to enjoy it

The hardcore and the gentle

Big time sensuality

I don’t know my future after this weekend

And I don’t want to It takes courage to enjoy it

The hardcore and the gentle

Big time sensuality


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