Taylor has excellent production values

All her vids are like mini movies.  They tell a story,  they are creative, and thus entertaining.   So lets look at some in no particular order.

We start with Delicate,  which has Taylor doing the red carpet stardom thingy and then via some magic memo is able to become invisible to the rest of the world and now she is able to do ‘whateveh da hell’ she wants for a few minutes.  Including dancing poorly, which she establishes is her forte’ in the following vid after this,  Shake it off.

More self deprecating humor and terrible dance skills  follows!

This next one is cool because they shoot it in one take with a tracking camera,  with the ‘behind the scenes’ crew running around setting up the next angle, and a cast of… 49 trying to get out of the next shot and Taylor doing speedy costume changes and shit.  And its like the perkiest break up song ever ever ever.  Watch for the girl in the squirrel suit falling off the bouncing bed in the background.





peak Punkins

Mid nineties Smashing Pumpkins.  Corgan shaves his head and never goes back.  D’Arcy and James jump ship as the century turns.  But they dished out some serious goods back in the day.



So this guy sends Sarah some real stalk-ery fan mail.  She uses part of the letters as the lyrics to this song.  The guy actually sues her for a writing credit but the lawsuit is dropped after he commits suicide.   The song that made her famous.


More Sarah!

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