Pete shares an intimate moment with 550,000 people as he closes down WOODSTOCK ’94

Bantu Stephen Biko was a South African anti-apartheid activist strongly opposed to the apartheid system of racial segregation and white-minority rule in South Africa.
The government came to see Biko as a subversive threat and placed him under a banning order in 1973, severely restricting his activities.
Following his arrest in August 1977, Biko was severely beaten by state security officers, resulting in his death. Over 20,000 people attended his funeral.

And Peter Gabriel wrote a song about it.


Chvrches: Miracle.

Cool video!!   Aliens save the day???  The rapture comes down???  Dunno, but NEATO!

Tummy Tuesdays : Eat it

I just couldn’t resist.  Cactus Catz’s blog hop Tummy Tuesdays is anything food related and Al did this fun one.  It wasn’t just making fun of Michael Jackson (obviously) but all the things parents say to kids to get them to eat.

So what’s your favorite food song?

Winter has this to say:

Food song.  How about this one….

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