dude steals the show

Starts off as a typical ‘Grain in ear’ dance recital. With yer basic youtuber dancing girls, and then this guy shows up from the background, who’s stolen these girls choreography, and is wiping the floor with them. Maybe he’s the choreographer, maybe hes downed a few tabs of ‘MOLLY’, but he definitely steals the show.

Amy Lee crashes a wagakki band show

You know Amy. She wanted you to BRING HER TO LIFE back in 2004 when she was fronting Evanescence shows. Here we see her show up during a performance of Senbonzakura (Thousand Cherry Blossoms) by Wagakki band, and sings a few verses in Japanese! Not bad for a girl from Little Rock. Appears my favorite shamisen player Beni Ninagawa chopped her hair off. Shes looking downright conventional! They’ve added a full orchestra in this video, very cool.

Hell, if Amy is gonna crash the show, they may as well do an Amy song, so.. here it is.

For those who dont know what the hell a shamisen is, its kinda like a guitar that you play with a big plinky plectrum thingy. You know what it is when you hear it. Its one of those distinctive Japanese musical sounds. Heres more Beni,

Zhao FangJing has a hit single…over there somewhere.

Mángzhòng or mang zhong mean’s..’Grain in ear’. Thats the title. Three different versions follow, The original music video, a live performance and a lyric video. Why does a guy from the northeast of the USA listen to asian tunes? I like the sonic textures of other cultures, its a refreshing change. The same reason I listen to so many different styles and flavors of music. And cus its a good song, she’s a good singer, and I like that shamisen flutter. Ive stolen that sound in a few of my own songs! Enjoy!

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