heard this song in the ANNA trailer.

Another track.

Cool video with a wide array of backseat passengers
The blonde guitar player is Carmen Vandenberg.
Shes toured with Jeff Beck. She ROCKS!


South African music: Parlotones and Johnny Clegg

Ronel did a series an alphabetical posts for the month of April. Each day sharing musicians that start with that letter. I like Ronel’s H day because it was a South African band that I had not heard of.  This is their “Baby Be Mine” that the band played when Whackhead Simpson proposed to his girlfriend.  I like their uncertain romanticness that fills the lyrics in a few of their songs.

That reminded me of another a South African band that I found and liked in the 1980s.  Apartheid was a problem back then and the South African government didn’t start taking the first steps to dismantle apartheid until 1990. This South African group Johnny Clegg & Savuka formed in 1986 had black and white members which was a bit unusual in the 80s. They also wrote songs that had both Zulu and English lyrics. Their songs were frankly political in their time and they even dedicated Asimgonanga to Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko and other anti-apartheid activists which led to the government raiding their concerts and band members getting arrested. In 1992, their percussionist Dudu Zulu was killed when he tried to mediate an dispute between two taxi groups.  The intense competition between the unregulated taxi operators created a war between groups. Zulu went to help because it was thought he might be able to calm things down as by that time he was internationally famous. He was shot int he back with an AK47 near Greytown where he lived. The band disbanded shortly afterwards.

Despite their sad ending, they did a lot during the 6 years of the band.  I hope you enjoy their song. Johnny Clegg wrote this song for his son Jesse who was 2 years old at the time.

Johnny Clegg is still performing.  This is a song he performed with his now grownup son Jesse Clegg who has become a musician as well. Both Johnny Clegg and Jesse Clegg are on Facebook.

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