Hubble can hold it’s head up high

A 46-min documentary from the Science & Nature Documentaries HD you-tube channel

The next video sets some amazing images from Hubble, Spitzer, Herschel and Chandra telescopes as well as from the ISS to piano music (at least to my uninformed ear, it’s piano)


Second Life, a few music videos

Some videos from Second Life.  One of the music videos contains virtual topless nudity.  If that offends you, don’t watch the mermaid one.

The first one is Bryn Oh who does an art sim.  This is a “single scene poem”

This next one is Smooth Criminal.  The background isn’t much but what impressed me was the dance sequence.  A lot of dance sequences in SL are pretty short and they pretty seamlessly put together a long sequence where they are dancing in conjunction but not dancing the same dance.

the only song I can find with Los Gatos in the lyrics

I was up in Los Gatos so I thought I’d try to find a song with Los Gatos in the lyrics.  “Plane Crash at Los Gatos” was the only one I could find.  It’s by Woody Guthrie about a January 28, 1948 crash of a plane near Los Gatos Canyon.  The New York Time’s report he read  gave the name of the crew but didn’t contain the names of the other victims lumping them together as “deportees”.  This outraged Guthrie so he wrote this song. Actually most of the victims were part of the “braceros” program and were legal temporary workers returning home.  The program was instituted after WWII as they needed workers. In that program, if the contractor who hired the braceros did not return their workers to Mexico after the contract was done, the government would step in to return them.

With the furor over the wall, the song is being sung again with a new title “Deportees”

I like this modern version better.  In this video, the names of the victims are shown.  In this video, Tim Z. Hernandez, a poet, performed with the group.  He did research to find all the names of the victims, raising the money for a memorial.  Their names on a headstone was unveiled in Fresno September 2013.

This version starts off with an explanation of the event, the bracero program and Guthrie’s writing of the event.  He also talks about his family who were field works in the USA and why that song means a lot to him.  Very heartfelt.

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