I should have bet money…

My pick from day one Hannahlei wins season 15 of

Why Hannahlei? Cus she does stuff like this…


In memoriam jethro tull

No, Ian isn’t dead. But I just saw him playing at the Oakdale theater in CT,
And they did a god awful version of Aqualung using a backing video for vocal supplemental by some other guy I had no idea who it was, and Ian was singing it like he’d didnt know how it went and the guy in the video was using different lyrics and yada yada WTF! Made me kinda sad that this is how the 50th anniversary of Tull was just a swan song of better days. So here it is, from 1977 with the band in fine form and actually knowing the lyrics of their own song, singing it not like its his rattling last breath with deep sea diver sounds. Just wish the flowers still bloomed like madness in the spring.

Jeanne Galice goes by the name JAIN and she works with loops!

Is this in English???  Yah,  sorta, isn’t it?   Whats it about?

Zenzile Miriam Makeba (4 March 1932 – 9 November 2008), nicknamed Mama Africa, was a South African singer, actress, United Nations goodwill ambassador, and civil-rights activist. Associated with musical genres including Afropop, jazz, and world music, she was an advocate against apartheid and white-minority government in South Africa.

Found this track on a LEVI’s commercial.  You can find cool stuff anywhere.

Here’s a live rendition.

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